HILARY AND DAVE is an acoustic duo, based in Wellesley, MA, featuring Hilary Prus and Dave Walton.

The act performs both well-known and deep-cut pop, rock, and country tunes which are fun, pretty, and not super loud!

Hilary and Dave perform at restaurants during dining hours, and at bar gigs and private events, in the Metro West area and on Cape Cod.



Upcoming Shows
Venue Band Day Date Location
Mattakeese WharfDuoSun8/11/24Barnstable Village6-930p
Horse Thieves TavernDuoThu12/12/24Dedham8-11p
Recent Shows
Venue Band Day Date Location
Horse Thieves TavernDuoThu6/13/24Dedham8-11p
Brunch - Taproom at Lookout FarmDuoSun4/21/24Natick1130a-2p
Brunch - Taproom at Lookout FarmDuoSun5/19/24Natick1130a-2p
Taproom at Lookout FarmDuoFri4/5/24Natick7-9p
Horse Thieves TavernDuoThu9/7/23Dedham8-11p
Mattakeese WharfDuoSun8/13/23Barnstable Village6-930p
Horse Thieves TavernDuoThu6/8/23Dedham730-1030p
Lookout FarmDuoFri4/28/23Natick6-8p
Lookout FarmDuoFri2/10/23Natick6-8p
Horse Thieves TavernDuoThu12/1/22Dedham
Lookout FarmDuoFri9/30/22Natick
Chatham Bars InnDuoThu8/25/22Chatham
Private PartyDuoSun8/21/22Falmouth
Horse Thieves TavernDuoThu8/4/22Dedham
Lookout FarmDuoFri6/17/22Natick
Horse Thieves TavernDuoThu2/10/22Dedham
Horse Thieves TavernDuoThu2/10/22Dedham
Horse Thieves TavernTrioThu11/11/21DedhamThunder on Percussion
Private PartyTrioFri9/10/21WellesleyThunder on Percussion
Horse Thieves TavernTrioThu6/24/21DedhamThunder on Percussion
Wellesley Concert SeriesDuoSat5/15/21Wellesley
Heritage SherbornDuoFri5/14/21Sherborn
The DolphinDuoThu9/24/20Natick
Delollis Midweek Concert SeriesDuoThu9/17/20Wellesley
Morse TavernDuoWed9/2/20Natick
Mattakeese WharfDuoSun8/16/20Barnstable Village
Three Square'sDuoThu8/13/20Needham
Heritage SherbornDuoFri2/28/20Sherborn
Three Square'sDuoThu12/19/19Needham


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